Xbionic Clothing

X Bionic Clothing- xbionic is made by X-Technology R+D Swiss AG based in Switzerland. xbionic development and research by Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz and team since 1997 accompanied by creating smart marketing strategies for their products. and today X-Technology R+D is well established in the market as the leader in smart technologies for garments.

Reason using xbionic
xbionic let people maintain or improve their performance in any situation, under any climatic condition, for any sport. xbionic combine biology and technology for the noticeable benefit of people which nature system. Get more information about xbionic clothing review here.

X Bionic 's Award
X-BIONIC® received Award "Most Innovative Brand 2009" of its unique, most persuasive products the price of the prices on the biggest technology, sport and lifestyle contest of Europe. via www.x-bionic.com.

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