Anne Pressly Autopsy Photos

Anne Pressly Autopsy Photos - Anne Pressly, 26, died at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center on Saturday black anon afterwards 7:00 p.m., six canicule afterwards actuality attacked by an alien aggressor at her home in Little Rock, Arkansas. Doctors had remained hopeful but Pressly took a about-face backward in the anniversary and her action bound deteriorated.

She was apparent by her mother on Monday morning back she did not acknowledgment her morning deathwatch up call, aloof a half-hour afore she was to arise on ABC associate KATV’s Daybreak program.

Police abide to investigate and accept begin affirmation of DNA in the anchorwoman’s home and are additionally advertisement that Pressly’s acclaim agenda was acclimated Monday at a gas base a few afar from her home. Sgt. Cassandra Davis, a badge spokeswoman, said that board accept she was the victim of a accidental attack.

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