Cod mw2 Online Not Working

Cod mw2 online not working - I’m apprehensive whether had Infinity Ward and Activision spent beneath time hyping up their bold and added time testing it, we wouldn’t be accepting this toing and froing with patches, Trophy issues and now online issues. Apparently the most recent patch, 1.02, has dead online connectivity for a lot of games, with the IW forums activity mad (relatively speaking) with complaints.

Try activity online and if you’re one of the afflicted ones, you’ll get the afterward message: “Fetching playlists, afterlight ranks and unlocks, abutting to matchmaking server complete.” Fine, except that’s all you’ll get, and you won’t be able to go any further. I’ve not alone approved it back aftermost night, but this is acutely alone affecting the PS3 adaptation and acutely not everyone.

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