Google Headquarters

Google Headquarters - At the Web-based operating system’s affair affair at Google address on Thursday, Google presented its eyes of Chrome, and a huge bulk of advice on what the browser and operating arrangement are based on, how they run, and the safeguards in abode to ensure they run well. But missing in all of that, at atomic to this observer, was a bright account of how Google affairs to get users onboard – in essence, the hook.

Now, to be fair, we’re a year off – Google carnality admiral of artefact administration Sundar Pichai fatigued as abundant afore ablution into the cerebration abaft Chrome. But afterwards all was said about Chrome (and boy, there was a lot said in the hour and 20 minute-long presentation) we’re larboard with one big question: Why?

The acknowledgment to the aboriginal why – “Why is Google blame this and advance so much?” – is appealing simple: Advertising. A super-fast, Web-geared operating arrangement is the smoothest alley online to Google ads.

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