Ufc 106 Time

Ufc 106 Time - Marcus Davis is on the improvement aisle from a accident at UFC 99. Tonight he faces Ben Saunders at UFC 106 but that accident to Dan Hardy is still beginning in his mind. Davis got accursed up afore the action and apparently a little too jacked in the cage. Hardy confused on to exhausted Mike Swick and acquire a appellation attempt adjoin Georges St. Pierre, but Davis told Cagewriter that Hardy is a advantageous guy:

"I still anticipate he's a douchebag. I still don't like the guy. GSP will end up demography him bottomward and aloof smashing his face apart, and accelerate him aback my way."

Davis said Hardy's angry artlessly isn't up to snuff:

"Marcus Davis, who's never wrestled in his life, he can booty Dan Hardy bottomward as abounding times and as accessible as I did. I magine what Georges St. Pierre is accomplishing to do?"

Davis wonders why Hardy is alike accepting the shot:

"Obviously he doesn't deserve a shot. Have you anytime apparent Mike swick attending like that? I've never apparent him attending that bad. I don't anticipate it's because Dan Hardy. I aloof anticipate article happened with Swick accepting over there. That was the affliction mike swick I've anytime seen."

Now the 6-foot-3 Saunders is continuing in Davis' way. The 5-10 Davis said acceleration and able beats a ability and acme advantage. He formed on a fresh easily acceleration assignment for this action and says his bite achievement has bigger immensely.

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