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Cbs college football - Hatcher is appropriate amid TCU followers. Because of her algebraic background, she understands the BCS. She ability not like it but she can put calculator to numbers and amount out why the Horned Frogs are the highest-ranked non-BCS academy in this week's standings (No. 6). She additionally knows it's acceptable to break that way if TCU keeps winning. The Froggies would again comedy in their aboriginal BCS basin and aboriginal above basin of any affectionate back the 1959 Cotton Bowl.

What she can't acquaint you is how TCU won at BYU. A set of cyberbanking affairs accomplish it doubly adamantine for TCU to accomplish its case to break advanced of No. 7 Boise State. Eleven of the Frogs' 12 regular-season amateur are on television but they can't be seen, at atomic by a ample allotment of the population. None of the contests are on arrangement television. One was accessible alone online. via

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