We Look Forward to a World Founded Upon

We Look Forward to a World Founded Upon - Accessible through ELH’s Web site, http://www.elhins.com, e-bility provides employer groups and their brokers online admission to administration, billing, claims and accommodation information. Employer accumulation administrators can additionally use the Web aperture to action agent additions, changes and terminations.

"Employers and brokers assurance ELH to accommodate accessory accumulation allowances with outstanding chump service," said Curt Melville, Chief Operating Officer for ELH. "Employers more about-face to the Internet to achieve accepted tasks, so ELH partnered with Genelco Software Solutions / IBM to apparatus a arrangement enabling us to accommodate this aforementioned akin of account through our Web site."

"We are admiring to assignment with Eastern Life and Health on the accomplishing of e-bility," remarked Mike Molinar, Operations Manager for Genelco Software Solutions / IBM. "Web admission is an capital basic for application and application audience today, and this arrangement will accord ELH an added archetypal of chump account that allows for accomplished relationships. We attending advanced to our connected affiliation to advice ELH booty abounding advantage of this system’s benefits."

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