Slim Fast Recall

Slim Fast - The Slim Fast anamnesis isn't because of a baleful problem. Unilever is abandoning all Slim Fast diet drinks because of a bacilli that can account affliction from 30 account to 15 hours afterwards consumption. There is no acidity restriction, no lot, no "use by date", or any identifiable brand on Slim Fast drinks that will aid consumers in alive what is recalled. The Slim Fast anamnesis is abundant easier than that - ALL all-overs and diet drinks are recalled.

The anamnesis is due to B. cereus bacteria. This is non-lethal, so if you are afflicted by a attenuated product, affairs are you won't die. However, it is not safe at this time to alcohol any Slim Fast shakes. Epidemiologists say that the bacilli is usually begin in attenuated rice at Mexican and Asian restaurants. Food contagion isn't awful appear to authorities, and so bacilli such as this is actual adamantine to track.

Those that accept Slim Fast diet drinks are apprenticed to bandy them abroad and acquaintance the aggregation at 1-800-896-9479 to access advice on accepting a abounding refund.

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