Free Secret BackLink From Top 100 Alexa Part(1)

After 10 secret traffic, Here some good news, I find some tips secret to get Free Secret BackLink From Top 100 Alexa, and it's means free big traffic to your site automatically, and if your blog is about revenue it's mean money come to your pocket.

1. Using yahoo profile as your free backlink
Login to Yahoo! and click to your Yahoo! Profile in (change username as your username Yahoo! ). Click Edit Profile Information in above.

2. Submit your url site in Homepage, Cool Link 1, Cool Link 2, dan Cool Link Yup, You can get 4 site urls directly, don't you?

3. Save and see the result.

4. Last but not least, get link to your Yahoo! Profile page in one of site that indexed by search engine or directory. This for your yahoo page will visit by crawler search engine, and note as backlink.

Here the sample