Image, is it necessary in seo ?

One thing many webmaster forget about seo is image. Many of you don't think about this. Personally I recommendation to use images in every single post, Why?

1. Make it more clearer description for your visitor, because your visitors coming from different country, may be they don't know about your languages but they still catch your point.
2. To find your site by google image or another search engine.

So how to use images to make more traffic?

Name of file image

1. Use Keywords related to images and your post
2. Use underscore to make space between single words
3. Avoid too long words (max 5 words)
4. Avoid repetition in keywords
example. sexy_girls

Use atribut ALT on tag IMG

1. Use keywords as description, don't just write
2. If there are many images in one post use different values on tag alt in every image
If there are many images in one post, avoid to use same keywords/ repetition keyword
4. Avoid too long keyword in tag alt.